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Make a Light Up Unicorn Headband - Event


Unicorns are unique and special creatures – and so are you! Learn to make your own Unique Unicorn headband that...

Light Up Origami Butterfly - Project


Fold a simple butterfly using origami and then add LEDs to create light up antenna. This a fun way to...

Penny-Powered Flashlight - Project


Power a flashlight with pennies so you can signal Spider-Man when you’re in need! No store-bought batteries necessary. Build the...

Nightlight Cat Bracelet - Project


In this project, you are going to make a cat bracelet that has a light sensor. This is the same...

Firefly Nightlight - Project


If you'd rather play with bulbs than bugs, these bottled-up "fireflies" are great! They'll glow for hours on end, creating...

Light Up Roto Copter - Project


A spinning and flying Roto Copter that lights up with the help of Circuit Stickers.

1 - 20 of 106 results