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Cardboard Prototypes - Project


Learn how to build a cardboard prototype for a Spider-Man-themed box. It’s fun to figure out the fixes and challenges...

Make Fashion Easy Photoshoot Hacks - Event


Easy Photoshoot Hacks You’ve learned some techniques and tools to craft your headpiece and light it up from James, Carrie,...

Camps and Classes


Maker Camp is partnering with Makers to bring both single day classes and multi day camps. Please check back often...

Scrappy Circuits – Arcade of Bricks - Event


The teaching and learning of invention literacy is often locked behind many pre-requisite skills and expensive STEM toys. Scrappy Circuits...

TP-D2 Recycled Robots with Miga Made! - Event


Make a TP-D2 recycled robot with Miga Made! Miga Made creates fun art-venture videos filled with robots, holograms, portals, &...

1 - 20 of 80 results